Hot Yoga Eindhoven


Wij bieden Hot Hatha Yoga & Hot Flow Yoga voor alle niveaus. Onze basis Hot 90-minuten les is de ‘Original Hot Yoga’ serie. Onze Hot Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yang, en Yin Yoga lessen werken aanvullend op de klassieke Hot Yoga lessen.

Het regelmatig doen van yoga geeft je een gezond en mooi lichaam. Ook je algemene gezondheid en balans zal verbeteren, je zult merken dat je meer zelfvertrouwen, geduld en rust in je hoofd krijgt.


New to the Netherlands? We teach our yoga classes in Eindhoven in English. We offer Hot Yoga & Hot Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga for all levels and abilities. Our core Hot 90-minute class is the original hot yoga sequence. Regular yoga practice gives you a healthy and toned body. As well as improvement in your general health and balance, you will notice improved self-confidence, patience and peace of mind. You don’t have to be strong, flexible or in shape. Just join a class and experience the effects for yourself. First time at our yoga school? You can enjoy our introductory offer of unlimited yoga for 8 days for only EUR 12.

Our experienced, highly qualified international yoga teachers are there to guide you on your yoga journey.

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Aalsterweg 124a , 5615 CJ Eindhoven